Health and safety in kitchen rules

Safety Tips to Avoid Kitchen Hazards

1. Select appropriate kitchen tools day today’s use.

When using hot or sharp items, avoid slipping or spilling, and use the right tools for your protection. It is an essential step to health and safety in kitchen rules.

Always keep tools and dishes very clean way to prevent food contamination. But using hot or sharp utensils, keep your hands dry, and be careful about caution. Use some clothes to handle hot utensils.
Use some equipment or tongs to handle large, firm foods. Be careful splashing oil or water when handling the hot items in the kitchen.

Always try to use easily kitchen tools if you have a hard time firmly grasping your cooking tools, you can use easy kitchen tools to handle them for your protection.
When using the sharp knife, go slowly and be very careful with your fingers and nails.

2.Wear Safe, comfortable clothes & shoes.

Clothes – When cooking in the kitchen, caring for your clothes is important. Do not wear long and baggy clothes or dangling jewelry. Please wear the top with fitted sleeves or no sleeves to work. And also, keep any flammable or synthetic clothes out of the kitchen as a safety precaution.

Shoes – It is always recommended to wear shoes when working in the kitchen as a safety precaution. When dropping some glass or knife down, you do not want to cover your legs because you are already protected. You have extra protection from broken glasses, hot water, or oil spills. And It will be a good step toward health and safety in kitchen rules.

3. Use knives properly.

 Use knives properly

Use a knife appropriately to help to prevent serious injuries to your hands and gingers. Always be careful with yourself.
When cutting vegetables, fruits, or other items into small pieces, go through slowly and mindfully.
Be careful working with knives to avoid caution. And always work with a clear mind and focus on your task only.
Keep your knives sharped. But do not over-sharp the blade. And these knives using steps are very useful for health and safety in kitchen rules.

4. Carefully supervise kids in the kitchen.

supervise kids in the kitchen.

-It is very funny to join your kids in kitchen work. But it will be made some disasters. Therefore keep in mind following when kids are in the kitchen.
-If your child wears the long-wear, please change to tite and short wear to prevent it from getting fire.
-If your child girl or boy has long hair, very careful about them. Because it will get fire. So Please tie their hair by hair ping or hair band.
-Teach your old children to kitchen safety tips.
-Knives and hot utensils are kept away from your kids.
-wash the hands are very important in safety and health kitchen rupes. So you have to training and advising your kids to wash their hands before and after handling raw foods.
-When using knives, blenders, food processors, and stoves with your kid, always supervise them to protect their selves.
-Teach them to how to handle hot pots and pans away from their bodies without any injuries. I will be good in health and safety in kitchen rules.

5. Have a fire extinguisher and know how to use it.

As a housewife, we should know how to use a fire extinguisher in an emergency case. This item is very important to all houses. The leading cause of fires and injuries in the household occurs when cooking and working with cookers.
At the time fire occurs and it is uncontrollable, you should use a fire extinguisher to prevent it.
Learn about different types of fires. It will be gas, grease, and electric fires. Never put them out with water. If you put the water to fire, it will spread soon. If fire arose on the pan due to hot oil, use the lid to cover it or use some thick cloth to cover it. Instead, your best to extinguish them is to use baking soda or a pan cover.
When your oven is firring you should use the fire extinguisher, and you can minimize the fire by turning off the appliances and keeping the door closed appliances and keeping the door closed. These precautions are helpful to health and safety in kitchen rules.

Safety Tips for Food Preparation

Safety Tips for Food Preparation

1. Shop with a very safe mind & concern about all & everything.

Food safety is very important to a healthy life. Does it depend on the factors of which kind of things are we purchasing?? When you purchase the items at a grocery shop, consider following to protect the health and safety of kitchen rules.
• Carefully about produced dates and expiry dates of all food items.
• Purchase much more only organic items.
• Do not purchase leaking packaging meats.
• Do not buy damaged cans or packets.
• Select your perishable foods as the last items.

2. Store Foods properly for safety

Store Foods properly for safety

How you store your food in the kitchen is very important to the health and safety of kitchen rules. You can use these storage rules to keep food safe manner.
· Use plastic or glazed bottles to store all kinds of seeds (Dhal, Sweet Corn)

·You can minimize the temperature of your fridge to 40F to protect the quality of the foods.

· After you bought some meats and packages to storing in the fridge please keep them in the fridge for 1-2 hours to protect healthiness.

· Wrap properly re-usable prepared foods when stored in the fridge

· All meats wrap properly to not leak on other foods & store bottom of the deep-freezer.

· Carefully about canned foods to use them before expiry dates.

3. Clean your hands in every time

 Clean your hands in every time

When preparation of foods, wash your hands well with soap and water. If not, germs will be included in your foods. Also, very carefully wash the day; your hands come in contact with a variety of bacteria and viruses your hands after using your bathroom activities over the course. It is very important in the health and safety of kitchen rules.

4. Cook safely with oils.

Cook safely with oils

We are using oils for cooking meat, poultry, seafood, and veggies. And when using the oils, those recipes are very tasty. To prevent injury, use the following health and safety kitchen rules:
• Dry your pan before putting the oil.
• when heated oil touches your skin it is very hard to bear and will damage your skin. therefore to avoid these mistakes heal the oil slowly.

• And when your cooking with oil put slowly foods in to oilled pan.

• looking at foods in the oiled pan to avoid a fire with foods burning. always cook with a clear mind when using heated oil.
• When cleaning the pot or pan using oil, do not clean it before it cools.
• be careful when using an air fryer, after plugging the air fryer do not go away from it. And do not touch it without dry hands. And very carefully about the above things to health and safety in kitchen rules.

Caring the Transporting Food

When you have to carry out food from one place to another place or when carrying lunch for your office, use a cooler or thermos to help keep food at a safe temperature. Using a cooler properly is important when storing and transporting foods.

When transporting the cooked meats or raw meats, you can put those foods in the ice bag with ice cubs. And this is important for fruits and vegetables which take transportation for a few days. If not, it will not be in consumption condition.

Cleaning Practices for a Safe Kitchen

Clean all Utensils

A clean kitchen is a big part of every home. Because it is a major part of our healthy life, if our kitchen is not properly organized by us or it is not clean, our day-to-day routing will be difficult to handle & a safe kitchen, cleaning is very important. In this food preparation area to be very clean & not only that. All areas should be very clean with kitchen equipment and tools.

1. Clean all Utensils

Your cooking equipment, tools, and prep utensils also need to be very clean and protected from germs. Kitchen knives are immediately washed in hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly. When cut-off or preparing the meats, don’t use wooden utensils for meat as wood cannot be sanitized.

2. Sanitize Surfaces at all times after the preparation of foods.

When you cut the meats wash all dishes, cutting sheets, countertops, and tables with hot soapy water immediately to avoid the spread of unnecessary germs. And sanitize all spaces by use. These steps are very important when you preparation of meat, poultry, seafood, or using eggs. And wash your hands with suitable soap.

3. Wash Dishcloths and Sponges Regularly with hot water mixed with soap.

-Germs can live in damp sponges and dishcloths, and they will be harmful to us,
-So it’s important to clean or replace these items on a regular basis as per health and safety kitchen rules.
-For dishcloths, wash them in your washing machine using hot water to hard clean that cloths. If not, some marks will not remove.
-According to tests conducted by us, soaking sponges in bleach water was the most effective way to clean them.

4. Use Paper Towels for Hands to dry.

  • Paper towels are safer for drying than cloth dish towels for use on your hands and for cleaning up spills. And it will be easily used & not wanted to wash & dry.
  • And Cloth towels can easily become contaminated with germs due to will not dry easily. If not germs are spread to other surfaces.

5. Sink in the kitchen.

Sink in the kitchen.

Don’t Forget!!! Sink!!!

In the health and safety kitchen rules, the kitchen sink can be a dangerous place when it comes to foodborne pathogens. It will have huge germs.

After washing & prepare chicken breasts, scraping dirty dishes, and other tasks can deposit bacteria on this surface. So it is very important to the deep clean kitchen with health and safety kitchen rules.

When you wash vegetables, wash dishes, or drain pasta, you can inadvertently contaminate “clean” foods and surfaces with the dirty sink water. So careful about that.

Regularly use a liquid cleanser with bleach to kill harmful germs. And you can use hot water with soap.

Conclusion for health and safety kitchen rules

Food safety is an important thing, and it needs to be advanced as soon as possible in your kitchen. For that, health and safety kitchen rules are more valuable for all housekeepers.

People wish to eat more clean and trustable food. And like to prepare their foods very safe manner with avoiding kitchen hazards. As per the international community, Offering clean food to everyone is the first basic thing for everyone in the world. And those foods should be tasty, healthy, and clean when preparing them foods.

It is important to preventing people from foodborne diseases is the most important thing in the consumption. currently , technology is doing major part to solve these problems, but the governments need to cooperate with each other to gradually deal with them. And the government, like China, needs to focus more on the uncleanness of food and control the cleanness from the food’s origin to markets.
Governments should be more open and expose the real fact to the public.

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