House cleaning tips for working moms

House cleaning tips for working moms

We know in the current situation one person’s income is not enough for our expenses. So most women are working now. But, whether you are a work-at-home mom, a homeschooling mom, a stay-at-home mom with lots of outside activities, or a mom who works outside the home, it’s good to have routines and systems in place to make your household run smoothly.

Keeping a clean home can be a daunting task when you have so much else to do, Hence, when you apply the following easy steps, you can make your house is very clean without word hard.

1. Have a schedule

I’m very happy to say you, this is a very important tip. Before I had a cleaning schedule, I would find myself spending so much nap time cleaning and organizing (because there’s always something dirty, right?) that I never got a break for myself. I was not balanced, and I was grumpy because of it. But now I have a very balancing time & I’m enjoying my time. When I schedule my cleaning it is very important to
keep it realistic. If not this schedule will not be useful to you.


To make my schedule, I made a list of the basic tasks that I wanted to complete every week and then assigned them to whichever day of the week made the most sense to me. Each day, at the beginning of nap time, I look at my schedule, and I get to work on whatever needs to be done. By having a schedule, I can focus each day on one or two tasks, and I permit myself to let anything else slide until its assigned day.

  • Sunday – Free day (watching films, outings, etc)
  • Monday – plan the week’s meals
  • Tuesday – Clean fridge & dustbins and collect trash (Trash collecting lorry will come every Wednesday)
  • Wednesday – laundry & bedrooms
  • Thursday – kitchen
  • Friday – floors & dusting
  • Saturday – Clean bathrooms laundry bed sheets.

2. Define your priorities. 

Before I think the cleaning priorities I was feeling very harder, not happy & I was overloaded with my tasks & my schedule is very tidy. Not only did I have household duties, homeschooling, five kids at home, A Virtuous Woman, and elderly family members to care for – I am a pastor’s wife had church ministries I was responsible for and had people constantly “needing” my help,” and more.

I was too busy and some of it was out of my control. But regardless, I knew I needed to make some major changes. I decided what was important to me. And then I learned to say no. I set up healthy boundaries so that other people could not take advantage of me {including family members} and I began to live with intention.

I decided my kids and my husband came first. Everything else was negotiable. I made sure I took time each day to just have fun with my kids and enjoy life.
Figure out the top #5 things you need to focus on each day. If you can fit the rest in, great. Otherwise, give yourself grace and let it go.

3. Make Your Bed First Thing every day

Why?? Do you see the wisdom of U.S. Navy Adm. William H. Mc Craven’s advice to graduates of the University of Texas, “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed?” Extreme rhetoric? Maybe, but it’s a small victory not huge, that gives me a jump start toward a good day. Besides, it takes less than a minute. You can handle that. Please try this from today onwards.

My bed is very important to make me happy & healthy. If I walk into my bedroom and the bed is a mess, I have to make it. My bedroom is my sanctuary, the one place in my house that does not get overrun with toys and sticky fingerprints, so I want to be able to relax there.

4. Go to bed with a clean kitchen every night

This one is highly important. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a messy kitchen. When you wake up with a dirty kitchen it will mess up your whole day. So it makes you feel defeated before you even begin. It will be made happy faces of your husband & everyone. If your kids are old enough, this is a great way to let them help you.

5. One Touch Rule applies to all

This is a simple rule, but a powerful one.

To put it simply, the “one-touch rule” is more of a goal. You only want to touch things ONCE before you put them away. This saves time and effort.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you come home, take off your shoes, and throw them under the cushioned chair. But you forgot it and your all shoes are on the shoe rack. Then next day, you spend an extra 5 minutes trying to locate the shoes because you never see the shoes under the cushioned chair.

6. Include your family

House cleaning tips for working moms

You can request help from your husband too. If your kids are old enough to help out, start delegating tasks to your kids, and husband & if your parent lives with you, delegated them too. It will be very funny to work together. If you’re cleaning bathrooms, have your kids do the dusting or empty the dishwasher. If you’re vacuuming, have them tidy the house by picking up out-of-place items and putting them where they belong.

7. Get the Kids Involved


My little daughter is 4 years old enough to be assigned chores now, and I love making her my helper. She is learning to put away laundry, unload the dishwasher, pick up her room, wipe counters and doors, etc. If you need ideas for your kids. And we can request help to collect their toys & put the relevant bucket by themselves.

I love having my kids do chores with me for two reasons. First, it teaches them hard work and appreciation for the work mom and dad do. Second, it allows me to do some cleaning while they are awake. Even if they aren’t helpful, giving kids a rag to dust with can keep them busy while you do the real cleaning. If I get my chores done before nap time, it means more free time for mommy!

Dear Moms, Keep your mind following golden too.

Follow the 7 Golden Rules of Housekeeping

  1. “Put it away, don’t put it down.”
  2. “A place for everything and everything in its place.”
  3. “A tidy house is easier to clean than a messy house.”
  4. “Kids need chores appropriate for their age.”
  5. “Plan, plan, plan – and make a list!”
  6. “Create a routine and stick to it.”
  7. “Don’t wait till the last minute to start a chore. Do it ahead of time.”

Thank you…


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