What Cabinet Colors Go with Gray Floors in the Kitchen?

What Cabinet Colors Go with Gray Floors in the Kitchen?
Kitchen Cabinet Colours

Is there grey flooring in your kitchen causing an issue with cabinet coordination? Gray can be a neutral hue, making it easy to mix with nearly any shade, leading to a difficult choice and confusion. You’ve arrived at the right place—the following inspiring post to give you some ideas and suggest some direction to follow.

Consider a Dramatic Cabinet Paint Change Carefully

A centerpiece for the kitchen area, the cabinets occupy plenty of space and demand that you see them every day. If they’re painted in a hue that you aren’t a fan of, you’re likely to become bored of them within minutes.

Wall Color and Daylight Will Impact the Look

Many shades are suitable for kitchen cabinets. However, it isn’t easy to select the perfect one. Before choosing an unusual colour, think about the other colours and items within the space. Examine the counters, walls, floor, backsplash, and kitchen appliances.

If you have plenty of colours in your room, you should choose neutral or white cabinets. There are numerous shades of white to pick from. However, every one of them will make the room appear bright and fresh. The white cabinets will also lighten the dark space. A few neutral
shades suitable for kitchen cabinets are dark grey, light grey or grunge (a combination of beige and grey).

These neutral colours will help you create a sense of balance and allow the freedom to add colourful appliances and accessories.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold.

If you’re more adventurous with the colour of your cabinets, they are the perfect location to play. Yellow is a popular kitchen colour. You could try an ethereal, buttery yellow or a pastel shade like lemonade on cabinets. Sky blue can also be a well-liked colour for kitchen cabinets and walls. It gives off an airy, dreamy style and is excellent when combined with stainless steel and white accents. Greens that
are blue or minty can also look great on kitchen cabinets. Darker hues like emerald green, cranberry red, and black and navy blue are great for putting a dramatic stamp on kitchen cabinets. However,
they are best suited to large rooms as they tend to be dark in small spaces. If you are planning to utilize cabinets in a small kitchen, keep them in balance with white walls and light accents.

Two-Toned Cabinets Are a Great Option.

The sky is the limit concerning the colours of kitchen cabinets. If neutral shades and more vibrant hues draw you, mix them by making two-toned cabinets. One trick to use is to place a lighter colour on the top and a darker colour at the bottom to create a sense of balance in the room. Consider this combo with grey or white cabinets on top and green, blue, yellow or red cabinets at the bottom.

Let’s go through with these colours.

  • White
  • Black
  • Natural Wood
  • Yellow
  • Contrasting Grays
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink

How do these colours impact the room? Are specific colours more effective in creating the illusion of the space being larger or smaller? Read on to discover the impact of these colours on a kitchen that has grey flooring.

How To Choose a Cabinet Color for A Kitchen with Gray Floors?

Kitchens with grey floors aren’t easy to work with, and most homeowners prefer white when confronted with this problem as it’s an easy and safe option. White is a good choice for flooring that is grey. However, some prefer a more vibrant shade or choose a warmer style, inviting design for their home.

Consider using lighter, less moderate shades for dark grey flooring. The more delicate grey floors are stunning with vibrant colours and darker shades. It is also essential to consider the hue of your walls and ceiling when choosing the cabinet colour.


White Cabinet Color

Gray and white are always a safe and stylish choice. Suppose your flooring is light or dark grey, the white cabinet aid in creating contrast between the flooring and the cabinets. It gives a contemporary appearance to the kitchen and helps create a more open space. Prestige Flat White Interior Paint
The pure white paint will be perfect for kitchen cabinets. It’s designed to function as a primer and paint in one, thereby reducing time.


Kitchen Cabinet Colours
Black Color

Gray and black cabinets with black floors can make your flooring appear lighter. This is a good alternative if you’re trying to lighten a dark grey flooring. The use of black will make the space seem cosier and make the most of white accessories that make the room appear more lively and break the dark.

Krylon Black Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint can be a great option to utilize black in the kitchen. Paint your cabinets to create an updated look that serves many uses, such as shopping lists, a list of tasks and daily menus to give your kitchen an exciting twist.

Natural Wood

Kitchen Cabinet Colours
Natural Wood

Natural wood cabinets with grey floors blend contemporary and rustic styles for an exciting and unique feel. There is a range of wood shades to create different aesthetics, like knotty wood to create a more rustic appearance. Natural wood is always a good option due to its natural, earthy tones.

MyGift Artificial Succulent Arrangement

A green accent to kitchens with natural wood cabinets will bring more natural colours to the kitchen. This plant-based centrepiece is the perfect idea to get a pop of colour.


Kitchen Cabinet Colours
Yellow kitchen cabinets

To add a splash of bright colour against a grey flooring, The colour yellow is the perfect colour. It’s vibrant and cheery and creates a retro-modern look in a grey space. It’s gorgeous in light or dark hues of grey.

Micro blend Interior Paint Sunny Outlook

The bright yellow paint will bring a smile to your kitchen and create an uplifting mood. The colour looks great with dark or light grey flooring, adding a lot of hues.

Contrasting Grays

Utilizing a grey-coloured contrast on your cabinets will give an elegant appearance to your house. Select a lighter or darker colour than your flooring to create a difference. A lighter shade than the floor can make the room appear larger.

KILZ Tribute Interior Paint Motor Gray

The dark grey paint will look great against lighter grey shades. It gives the room a more substantial. Selecting hardware that has gold tones can add warmth to your room.


Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Navy blue or greyish-blue cabinets can add a hint of colour to kitchens with grey flooring. It’s elegant and stylish and blends with lighter and darker grey shades. Gold accents bring this look to life by creating a shiny and bright look to break up the darker hues.

Goldenwarm Gold Cabinet Pulls

The cabinet pulls appear stunning in the dark grey and blue tones that add some warmth and interest to your area. They are available in various sizes, ranging from a single handle to a set of thirty that should be sufficient to cover the entire kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Red kitchen cabinets

Combining red and grey cabinets makes a statement, adding tons of color to your kitchen. It’s a stunning combination of neutral colors and tones.

Old Village Interior Paint British Red

The dark red paint is darker and contains a slight grey undertone. It looks impressive with grey flooring. This color will look great with dark grey flooring because it’s such a deep color.


The combination of orange and grey is an intriguing combination of colours. The orange brings colour into the space, while the grey flooring can help to tone it down and help keep it under control. It’s a contemporary exterior with an interesting balance.

Willbond Artificial Mini Orange Décor

This bowl of faux miniature oranges is the ideal piece on the kitchen island or table to help tie the entire space together. Small amounts of this kind scattered around the room to add decor will help create a sense of unity.


Dark green cabinets can add subdued colours to kitchens with grey flooring. Bright green shades will be an intense accent to bring brightness to the space—the natural colour of green that will add a sense of vibrancy to a room with ease.

Prestige Interior Paint Garden Sage

The green paint is strong and has mixed grey flecks, reducing it to create a stunning pairing with grey flooring. This color can be used as a splash of color to your kitchen without becoming too bright.


Consider a light lavender shade on grey floors for a unique and subtle pop of colour. A deep, plum shade is a great way to add colour and is an excellent match for the dark grey floors. You can break up the colour by putting white walls on the wall or backsplashes in kitchens.

Micro blend Interior Paint Lavender Bush

The primer and paint combination is a gorgeous blend of grey and purple, making it the ideal choice for kitchen cabinets. The muted purple hue can be paired with dark or light grey flooring.


Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Pink kitchen cabinets

Combining pink and gray creates the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity in a room. This combination of colors in your kitchen can add color and contrast. Pick a light pink paint for subtle colour and a bright pink to turn your kitchen into an eye-catching

KILZ Tribute Interior Paint Angelic Pink

The pale pink hue is perfect for lighter or darker grey flooring. It’s a primer and paint that’s all one thing, making it easy and quick to apply.

Kitchen Coordination

Once you’ve discovered the top kitchen cabinet colours that work well with grey floors, it’s time to plan the next task. Explore different shades of each to determine which one is the best for your home. You can get numerous swatches from the local hardware retailer.

How to Care for Your Kitchen Cabinets to Ensure they last for years

Whatever color you select to paint your cabinetry; they will not stay more than several years if you don’t keep them in good condition. Here are some guidelines to assist:

Basic Cabinet Cleaning Tips

Grime and grease can ruin the cabinets in your kitchen when they’re not cleaned off frequently. Clean-up is simple. You need to dampen a soft cloth and then use it to clean your cabinets. Repeat this process every two weeks or less if you are a cook. If the water isn’t doing an excellent job, soak the cloth in the mild soap for dishwashing.
Clean wooden cabinets along the grain; otherwise, you’ll damage the expensive finish. If the cabinets are stained in water after cleaning, you can use a dry cloth to eliminate any remaining moisture before air drying.

Try an alcohol and soda mixture to loosen grease and grime buildup if this simple cleaning trick isn’t working. Rub until the stain disappears. Clean the area using water and then wipe it off with a dry towel. You could also make an emulsion of vinegar and water. Make sure to stay clear of:

*Petroleum-based products.

 *Nail polish remover.

 *Steel wool

 *Scouting pads


 *Paint thinners.

Repairing Minor Scratches

To ensure that your kitchen cabinets appear brand new in the years to come:

  1. Fix minor scratches and nicks before they become more severe.
  2. Don’t try to sand away the imperfections! The wood will be damaged irreparably.
  3. Make a mix comprising dishwashing soap, cream tartar and distillate water.
  4. Allow the mixture to remain on the area for 10 minutes before wiping it off.

Some cabinet installation services for kitchens also provide touch-up kits.

Wipe Spills Immediately

Some spills may be challenging to clean up when they’re allowed remain in the cabinet for more than a couple of hours. Make sure to clean up grease-based fingerprints or spills onto your cabinet surfaces as quickly they show up. Please use a damp cloth; instead of wiping, use a blotting material to remove the stains to ensure that they don’t go into the wood grain or spill onto the countertop.

Make Sure the Cloth Isn’t Dripping Wet.

However, your kitchen cabinets look like getting a hose on the cabinets isn’t a good idea. The excess water could damage the surface irreparably. This is especially true for cabinets near the sink, dishwasher and baseboards. Make sure to clean off any water as soon as it appears. Don’t hang dish towels or other damp items on the doors of your cabinet to air dry. Also, put coffee makers with steam vents away
from the cabinet.

Avoid Highly Humid Areas

Wood expands and becomes warped under extreme humidity and heat. It is also prone to drying out too quickly and damaging the appearance. Make sure to control the temperature in your kitchen to the maximum extent you can. Warping of the kitchen is not likely to be too severe, and you may end up replacing costly cabinetry earlier than you intend to if you don’t have air circulation in your kitchen.

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